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AMUL-The taste of India

AMUL-The taste of India, the one company which brings a pleasure to each one of us. This great company was started at  Anand, Gujarat on 14th December,1946 by Dr. Verghese Kurien. AMUL is just a short-form of Anand Milk Union Limited. It is a milk product dairy company. Indians most trusted brand Amul, is a daily dose of vegetarian  for most of the  people.  A revolution in making food products was bought by them. Now, R.S. Sodhi is the CEO of Amul.

As time passed, Amul crossed the sea. At first, it was reached to the loyal customers at Abroad who were far away and craving for it. Gradually, the world started recognizing the company.  The amul products are available in more than 40 countries. The real markets are Singapore,Thailand, Japan, China and many other. Its a heart-whelming to see that amul is been found in most of the places.

At amul, every single drop of milk by the villagers is used to produce something exceptional for the consumers. From dawn to dusk, fresh milk makes its never-ending journey. The milk collects almost 2.3 billion farmers of around 13,000 villages. It  is tested, graded and transported over 1200 routes of 30 diaries.

Amul follows a pattern that manages productivity of farmers. This is known as white revolution. Re-inventing nourishing  integrity in a fashion that no other marketing can occur.  It is not just about diversifying new products,  its more about their relevance in peoples life and economic independence within  the farmers. It aims to create views of the customer for the newly added products.  In every process of preparation, the highest hygiene is maintained by them.

In 2006, Amul launched the first sport drink called STAMINA. Today, AMUL is the largest producer of vegetarian cheese in the world.   Amul house is the biggest powder milk plant. It was at Amul, the first buffalo milk was processed. The easy to use, convenient packets were introduced to give a co-operative dairy to complete the edge.

From the milk delivery to the smiling places, Amul makes a magical journey. From the first drink in the morning to the last meal, amul has been serving people of India.  It is a brand whose history is under independence. A brand that has transformed many. From grandmother to children, Amul is loved by all. Millions today consume Amul. People say without butter, morning breakfast will never gets completed.

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