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Bakes and Morsels of "PIZZA"

Pizza has become a key of the present-day food. We all know that pizza is rich with the cheese of history, high in the sauce of the presence. Pizza is the world’s favorite fast food. We eat it everywhere the restaurants, the street Conner, the home, the cafe’s.

The term pizza was first recorded in the 10th century from the southern Italy town of Naples. Naples in early 1800 BC had many working people. They needed a food which is cheap as well as quick, Pizza came to their need. It was sold not in shops, but in street by vendors carrying huge boxes in their hands.

There is a news that Raffaele Esposito was the one who introduced the pizza. He dressed up a special pizza for the queen Margarita which was according to the Italian flag’s color  in terms of patriotism. The 3 colors were represented by adding basil, mozzarella and  tomatoes(I.e., green, white and red). The queen was impressed by the taste of the pizza and so he named the pizza by her name. Because of this, he is also known  as the father of all modern pizza

Pizza moved slowly from Naples to other places. American countries were one of them. Here, Italian merchants sold pizza using toppings and sauce upon it, but was not that trendy. The popularity increased only after 2nd world war when Americans returned back from Italy. Now, Pizza is a fixture in American pop culture. Today Americans consume approximately 100 acres of pizza daily, that's 3 billion pizza’s per year, I.e., 46 slices per person.

Before in 500 BC, the flat breads were being topped  with savories, dates,  fruits, oil and herbs. Later on, the toppings were changed to tomatoes, cheese, onion and garlic. Variations began to be made in different places. Initially, in Bologna, meat was added, In Brazil, green peas and boiled eggs are added  and now India adds pickled ginger, paneer and tofu.

Pizza has evolved a various styles in all generations from New York to Chicago’s main dish, from thin-crust to stuffed, from microwave to grilled. There are many distinct patterns of pizza. The major one is Pizza Napoltama which had the flat bread with tomatoes, cheese and basil on top on it. The Pizza altrancio which was sold on streets is a rectangular thicker pizza. Pizza Romana is a thin-crust pizza which has different cooking procedure.

In 1957, frozen pizza’s were used. 1995, stuffed crust pizza came and the designs are increasing even now. Nowadays, many varieties of pizza exist worldwide, along with several dish variants based upon pizza. Pizza has evolved and has spread its goodness throughout the world. It has become one of the most beloved foods in the world and a common fast food in Europe ,North America and many more. lists that over 14,000 books are been under the pizza  alone.This means that pizza is loved by most of the  people. If you liked this blog, please do comment below.

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Jul 15, 2020

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