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The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about technology is “ROBOTS”. Robots can be used everywhere to automate the things and it also helps in transformation of the country through automation. They can be implemented mainly in the places where there will be an element of risk for humans.

We all know that, the whole world has been locked down since 2 to 3 months due to the pandemic “COVID-19”. Considering the economy of our country, government took a decision of re-opening some of the outlets by following some of the safety measures with an implementation of screening, usage of masks, hand sanitizers and social distancing while entering the public places.

But, usage of humans for screening and other purposes during these pandemic days can drag their lives into danger and even they will be having their family to look after. So, an alternative of humans for this purpose is none other than robots. Robots are the machines which will be developed by a humans based on certain conditions.

Pune government took a prominent step during these severe days by launching a screening robot named “CAPTAIN ARJUN” at central railways for the purpose of intensifying the screening, surveillance of the passengers for enhanced security and avoid them from getting infected. It was mainly used for screening the passengers while on boarding the train and to keep an eye on anti-social elements.

Captain Arjun is equipped with a motion sensor, one PTZ camera (Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera) along with one drone camera and the camera uses an Artificial Intelligence technique and algorithms to keep track of suspicious and anti-social activities. It has an inbuilt siren and internal storage for recording in case of network failures. Captain Arjun performs a thermal screening and records the body temperature of passengers within 0.5 seconds and displays it on the digital panel. If the body temperature of an individual is found higher than an average range, it rings an automatic alarm with a help of an inbuilt siren available.

Interesting fact about Captain Arjun is that, it is adopted with a two way communication mode which includes audio and video with capable of speaking in local language. It is also housed with speakers in order to provide an awareness messages about COVID-19 pandemic to the passengers and also consists of sensor based sanitizer and mask dispenser. Captain Arjun is capable of providing a floor sanitization with a good battery backup and movable rugged wheels, which can support all types of surfaces.

The usage of such robots at various places can reduce the infection rate among various segments and helps in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. Even Mumbai government is planning to have a similar system and help the citizens by reducing the risk of getting infected. In future, we can implement such technologies at every state to get rid of these pandemic.

Please do comment your reviews regarding the implementation of such technologies all over the world at various places and keep following for much more upcoming posts.

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