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The aroma of the food drives the human to taste it. The appearance of the fruits makes people to grab it.

 The vibrant sound in the kitchen makes the children to dance in their way. Finally, the taste of the dish gives the best feeling ever. This means food is the part of our life.  Food is just not a nutrient; it’s a creativity one can add. Food is the ingredient to happiness. Once, food was one of the basic need of humans, now food has taken the empire of the world. The collection among st the food is growing bigger and bigger day by day.

1. MOTIVATION There will be an inspiration for any work, my inspiration for the 'love of food' is my father. since childhood, I have seen him cooking in the kitchen, he would prepare some instinct dishes which i have never tasted by any other hands, i meant to say “he has magical hands”. The way he up brought the dishes were peculiar.

2. FOOD-A culture    The food is not same everywhere. it changes season to season, place to place, time to time, in fact person to person. Ingredients often use food as means of retaining their cultural identity. The existence of the spices around them influences the dish prepared by the people. The pattern of the food varies widely throughout the world. Even among people who share similar cultural values and some of the same food habits, eating patterns are not the same. However, food is associated with hospitality and expression of friendship. Hence, sensitivity of food rules and customs is important in building and strengthening cross-cultural relationship.

3. Food-a magical thing When we start eating, the food becomes magical, it sparkles our eyes, it step through our lips, it moves among the blood and senses. A fragrance, a bite, a fantasy, the mom's technique, the grand-mother's method and many more occurs in the kitchen - it’s just a magical thing. “The food becomes magical”, this stroke to my mind when i saw the amazon series “Just add magic” which is an American family television series. The magical book by the grandma made the  3 kids to do new innovations which made them to bring out of all there difficulties. The magical spices added the best taste and aroma in their foods. It made  them as magical kids. I would like the food lovers to watch it .

4. Food connects to a full-filling life Food connects people to the past, to the flashback, to our friends, house and to the larger world around us.  It connects us to the magical land which we never went to. It connects us to our belly, to our strength, to our spirit, to the taste. People say “there is no sincere love than the love of food”. The drive towards the taste of flavor is elemental part of us. Food has that thing which allows us to slow down and enjoy life and trace the fragrance of it. We owe original and yet we share so much of food, that’s the one common language that doesn’t matter with anyone. When you speak, you can speak English or kannada or French, but one common language we have is the food and it connects all of us.

5. Around the table sometimes, food is the reason for why we seem together. The best time of the lives would be around the table.

The family dinner is the most important aspect of our culture. When one sitting at the table, they without conscious will start sharing the hard work about how the food was bought to them, the hard work the farmer takes to bring the vegges to them, the fisherman's effort to get the fish.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”Food is something everyone is fond off. The only one stuff one lives his life for.Food connects cultural group through similar food patterns. Food is life and drinks is love. They both are the binders to the people.So, guys do you also think 'The inspiration for the food can make them do magical dishes'.   Please do comment bellow.

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