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Cricket is back again after a long long wait...Finally cricket is back a good new for all the fans round the globe. Past few days whole world is facing the PANDEMIC COVID-19 and now getting bit relief.Let's see how the cricket has changed itself and the upcoming series and more.


  • Players are qurantined 15 days prior to the start of the series and even after the series is ended they are quarantined fr 15days.

  • Not allowed to use saliva to shine the ball.

  • Umpires are not suppoused to touch the ball.

  • Each and everyone must be wearing mask in dressing rooms, one who gets water must be wearing gloves and no towels are sent for batsmen.

  • No celebration with hi-fi's nor shaking hand as a gratitude even after the match.

Between all this cricket is back to resume that is what we all need.


WEST INDIES TOUR OF ENGLAND WEST INDIES put ENGLAND on a back seat by winning the 1st match of 3 match test series.Holder showed good persistance and good presence of mind and led his team to a greatest test match winning.WI beat ENGLAND in ENGLAND in long back 90's so now after long time the WI won a test match against ENGLAND back at their home.2nd test match is ongoing but here ENGLAND might level the series as they have put up a huge total nearing to 500,in reply WI have lost their opening batter already going to be a good game to watch on. If this game is won by ENGLAND and the last decider match would be more thrilling match to watch.

3TC Solidarity Cup 2020

Cricket returns with a revolutionary new format. Featuring the biggest cricketers in South Africa, the first ever '3TC match' will see three teams playing in one 36-over match.The biggest names in South African cricket will return to the field for an exhibition match match in Centurion, with one interesting rider – three teams will play in one 36-over match in a never-before-seen format. Originally scheduled to be held on June 27, it has been postponed to July 18.

What is this 3TC how it is played:

A 3TC match is contested between 3 teams of 8 players each. The match is played over 36 overs in two halves of 18 overs with a break at halftime.

Teams bat for one innings of 12 overs, split between two 6-over periods. They face one opponent in the first half and the other opponent in the second half.

In the first half, teams rotate from batting to bowling to the dugout with the starting positions determined by a draw. In the second half, teams bat in order of the highest scores in the first half. If scores are tied, the first half order is reversed.

After the fall of the 7th wicket, the last batsman stands alone. However, he can only score in even numbers of runs. If the 7th wicket falls in the first half, the team forfeits the remaining part of that half and the last batsman resumes the innings in the second half.

Each bowling team has the use of one new ball for their full 12 overs which is used for both opponents. A maximum of three overs per bowler is allowed. An uncompleted over due to the fall of the 7th wicket is deemed to be completed with dot balls.

Most runs wins Gold, second Silver and third Bronze. If 2 teams tie with most runs, super overs decide Gold; if all 3 teams tie, all get Gold; and, in a tie for second, Silver is shared.


Pakistan and England have been good rivalries as both the countries has world class fast bowlers. Pakistan bieng best fast bowlers producing nation in the world,will be looking to play in the swinging conditions and will be hoping to win the series.On the other hand England are also looking for the same as their batters are in good form Stokes is best form of his life and new bunch of youngsters like Sam Curran,Sibely and few others are performing well in winning cause for England.Paksitan also has world class batter like Azar Ali ,Babar Azam and Azad Shafiq. So,it would be a red hot series between there arch rivalries.


The 2020 edition of the IPL being played entirely in the UAE is now a distinct possibility, and ESPNcricinfo understands that the BCCI has earmarked a tentative window between September 26 and November 7 for it. The BCCI's Apex Council discussed the possibility of the IPL being played in the UAE in its entirety. It is understood that the BCCI would still prefer conducting the tournament in India, but the Covid-19 situation - the number of infections in the country are on the rise - has meant that the UAE has been identified as the next-best option.

Finally cricket is back let's hope everything would be back fine and proper as soon as possible. BCCI also confirms that RANJI-2020 and Under-19 tournaments also will be organised but, other domestic tourney's are doubtfull.Let's hope for best and safety of all the players.

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