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Last episode we read about Dr. T.N. Suresh Kumar and got a little glimpse about his personal and professional life. Hope you all too liked the inspirational story. We already saw some of his achievements. Now, it is time to know more of his achievements and his travel life.

As already mentioned in the previous article, he is the FIRST INDIAN TO EXPERIENCE ZERO GRAVITY FLIGHT. Zero gravity is the state in which there is no gravitational force acting on a body. Due to which, one experiences weightlessness and will be floating freely. He flew from Moscow, Russia in an aero laboratory IL 76 along with 15 others from all over the world on April 2, 2015. The Kepler maneuvers were done to simulate the zero gravity in an aero laboratory at the height of 9000m above the earth’s surface.

He is the FIRST INDIAN TO GO TO EDGE OF SPACE - STRATOSPHERE as a tourist. The stratosphere is second layer of the atmosphere stratified (layered) in temperature, with warmer layers higher and cooler layers closer to the Earth; this increase of temperature with altitude is a result of the absorption of the Sun's ultraviolet radiation by the ozone layer.

He is the FIRST INDIAN TO EXPLORE SAHARA DESERT. Sahara Desert is one such place which he explored along with 2 others. It is situated in Ennedi Plateau of country Chad (in Africa) and surrounded by sand all around with incredible rock formations by high winds and sand storm. When he went to explore that, he says that the view of the place made him feel that he had arrived in the red planet. The enormous desert spans 11 countries. He covered 3000+ kms by Toyota land cruiser.

He is the FIRST INDIAN TO REACH SUMMIT OF NYIRAGONGO ACTIVE VOLCANO IN CONGO. It is the world’s biggest lava lake. It is a Strato-volcano with an elevation of 3,470 m in the Virunga Mountains. It is located in the Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Travelling might be hobby to many people, but he had a goal to travel the whole world. As told before, he has been to all the 7 continents. He has travelled approximately 60,000 kms on road, 6,50,000 kms on air, 12,000 kms on sea, world’s longest train journey and many more. He has travelled to the coldest place and hottest place on Earth, from center of the Earth to highest motor-able road, from INCA civilization to MAYAN calendar, from scuba dive to submarine dive and many other places. His travel experience include from bottom of ocean to the edge of space.

These are the major achievements of Suresh Kumar. Let’s us all see his travel tour around the world,(open the file to know the countries)

Download DO • 303KB

Having travelled to all the continents and more than 150 countries, he says that he did not encounter any problem anywhere in the world. He says most of the countries were tourist-friendly, few also helped him even though they were not knowing English. He says “If a person is humble, you will not face any problem in the world”. He is a one-man army because all these were done by him individually. He has not taken any support from government or from any sponsor.He is doing all these for his sake only and not to compete with anybody. He is the best example for younger generation and also one must learn from him how to lead one’s life. He has another 40 countries to cover the whole world. I am sure he will do it as it is his DREAM to “EXPLORE THE WORLD”.


As informed earlier, he is a space scientist by profession. He still helps younger generation by giving them motivational talks, helping them in their projects; he is also Chief Technical adviser for companies. Currently, he is working on a new energy based project to bring about revolution in the energy sector which is in the final stage of realisation.

At the end, to say a few lines about him - he is a role-model to many. His travel life will teach us lot of things. It’s not that easy to make one’s dream come true, but he with his effort made them all true. This all didn’t happen just like that. These all happened because of his perfect planning, smart work, hard work, determination and perseverance. Yes, it’s individual’s responsibility to build one’s career; you have to decide what you want to become and work towards fulfilling your dreams. We all Indians must be proud to have him in our soil, let us all wish him to complete his world tour and let our Indian flag fly high.

To know more about him please feel free to ask the questions in comment section and hope you all enjoyed his journey his journey and even you will berun behind your dreams to fullfill it like Dr.T.N.Suresh Kumar.

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