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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Cakes on the hand, icing present on it, toppers upon that, this brings tempting feeling to anybody.Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration needs or begins with cake only. Happiness is just like a cake, having too much of it, one gets sick of it. So, this article is about cakes and more.

So, I was been into this town called HOSPET which is located in the district of BELLARY. Here, I was allowed to see the different styles of cakes being prepared by “DESERTS AND MORE”. These cakes looked so fascinating that I wanted to know more about it. Then I started conversing with them to know about it, I got the best answers actually.

DESERTS AND MORE” was started by two members, namely, Mamatha Bandri and Impana.K.P. They started it as home bakers. Initially, they started the business for baking cakes and selling it, but later on they upgraded with few more items. In the beginning, they were specialized in baking deserts, so they named in that way.

The bakers were interested in cooking from many years, But one thought came to their mind about cakes and they started to bake for themselves. From past 4 years, they improved skills by leaning new techniques and then solid response took when they started home baking and enhanced it which happened from the last 2 years. Their first cake was baked on 8th June, 2018.

The bakers also say that the town has also helped them i.e., if there was no demands from their side, there wouldn’t be any interests for them to bring out new ideas. In the small town, bakeries were many and cakes were also common but customization was missing out. They told that, the main reason to start this was “CUSTOMIZATION OF CAKES”. They bought a new trend to the town. They also say that the popularity increased because of intense hygiene and separation between eggs and egg less. They have 2 separate ovens, refrigerators and also baking tools so that any pure vegetarians won’t feel any issue to eat deserts from here.

They have baked almost 2000+ cakes. But their saying was even now, each cake teaches them something. They even told that each cake made them more interesting and innovative too. They too own their own flavors of cake, to mention a few,

· Tender coconut

· Mawa Cake

· Rasmalai Cake

· Blackberry Cake

· Roasted Almonds

· Pan beeda Cake

Apart from cakes, they also bake few delicious items such as cake pops, donuts, cake slice, brownies, cupcakes, short glasses, chocolates. They even have sugarfree cakes for those who are diabetic and cannot have sweets but love too.

These home bakers now has huge popularity. The people not only from their town but also from Australia, Belgium, Toronto and may more countries follow them. Its not that easy to reach the people out of not just a town but also countries. This all was possible as they had exclusive making of cakes with unique designs.

The bakers also take “CAKE CLASSES” every year and help people in learning. They teach techniques, ideas regarding baking for both egg and egg less. They teach various varieties, nossele techniques and many more.

To say collectively, the conversation with them felt me that  “follow your passion” maybe however small it is. Cakes makes an ordinary celebration more special.”DESERTS AND MORE” is one such shop which makes you feel it. To know more about this follow

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