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Is conducting an exams a great move from the government?

As we all know, since last 2 to 3 months the whole world is suffering from the pandemic COVID-19 which has led to the decrease in the economy of our country. To ensure the safety for citizens the government decided to have a lock down by declaring a concept known as “Stay Home, Stay Safe” so that the possibility of getting infected by the pandemic can be reduced to a certain extent.

After a successful completion of lock down for around two and a half months, the government came to a conclusion of re-opening all the outlets and shops except schools and colleges concerning the economy of our country. On the other side they decided to conduct the online classes for the students from the home itself with a help of zoom application and complete the syllabus, so that they can conduct the exams in further days.

But, the major issues that students faced during the online classes was that, they were not able to understand the topics clearly due to the interference of noise in the audio, lower quality videos during screen sharing and also the network related issues for those who were residing in the rural areas. Without having a complete knowledge about the subjects it might be difficult for the students to face the exams in an upcoming days and also insecure to write the exams in schools and colleges during these severe days. Also they might feel stressed and panicked as there is no clear cut instructions from the universities regarding the conduction of exams.

One of the most interesting topic which has to be focused is that, in recent days South Korea government took a firm decision on re-opening all the schools and colleges with all the safety measures which made the students to maintain a social distancing of about 3 feet from one another, wearing masks except at the lunchtimes and sanitize their hands frequently. Along with that they also made the students to sit at desks which were separated by the plastic dividers and also implemented some protective screens near the cafeterias. Meanwhile the teachers and staffs were also equipped with thermometers and hand sanitizers greeting thousands of students.

Han Sang jun, the vice principal of Kyungbock High School in the capital Seoul informed that the school had been sprayed with disinfectants ahead of the re-opening and school was made to run only with the main gate in order to control the movement of students and teachers and have their temperature check upon entering the premises. According to survey, some of the high school seniors were tested positive in spite of having all these safety measures and more than 30 cases were found within a week. So, rather than risking the student’s life by opening the schools and colleges in these severe situation it’s better to wait for the relaxation COVID-19 pandemic.

Definitely, education and knowledge plays an important role in everyone’s life. But, just for a sake of examinations the student’s life can’t be harmed during these pandemic days. So this is a situation where the government need to take a decisions very wisely by looking into the student’s problems also such that, it can reduce their stress and fear towards the exams. It would be better, if the government waits for some more days and take the decisions regarding the conduction of exams by considering the rate at which the virus is being spread all over the world.

Please do mention your reviews and ideas about how the situation can be handled without risking anyone’s life.

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