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JATINGA: Mysterious suicide of birds.

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Jatinga, a tiny low social group village on a ridge, is found in Dima Hasao district, province state in India. It's 330 kilometers south of Guwahati. Assam’s solely hill station is understood for the mysterious suicide of birds throughout bound weeks of the year. Assam may be a region that's packed with options like culture, and tradition and additionally thought-about as a favorite traveler destination for tourists because of its cultural heritage. In fact, over the years, varied caste settled here within the cliffs, and valleys of this state. During this method, the made tradition of culture, and civilization in the province grew more. It's additionally called one in all the simplest traveler states in India. The commercial enterprise here is as lovely still as mysterious and stunning. There's additionally once place in province wherever birds kill and this place is understood as Jatinga. Thousands of birds commit suicide once a year for the last hundred years in Jatinga, a tiny low place in a province. However, the death of birds once a year during this settlement with a population of simply 2500 folks is kind of freaky still as mostly unclear. Here the birds return from completely different places to commit suicide. It’s a phenomenon no one has been able to justify. however, Jatinga’s mysterious annual event of migratory birds committing mass suicide has currently attracted the eyes of many scientists. however, not solely the migratory birds, the native birds additionally do similar things here in Jatinga. In times of science, several ornithologists have dedicated their time to the analysis of this unnatural development.

They found that there are several species of native birds such as pool heron, black heron, tiger heron, etc. area unit subjected to such strange behavior. However, contrary to popular belief, birds don't commit suicide. However, absolutely explained, these birds get caught within the fog and wind, get disoriented, and obtain solace of the sunshine sources place out by the villagers. They hit against trees or different objects and acquire hurt in their flight towards the sunshine supply. Invariably the birds return solely from the north and attempt inserting the lights on the southern aspect of the ridge to draw in the birds have failed. Another attention-grabbing reality has been brought out is that no long-distance migratory bird gets drawn to the sunshine traps. Locals are witnessing the development from Sept to November for the last few years. however, Jatinga isn't the sole place within the world wherever such weird behavior of birds noticed. This development is additionally seen in the Philippines, Malaysia, and another state of India Mizoram.

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