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Kissan is one of the renowned company today. It has its history from quite a long time. Brooke Bond India in 1993 acquired Kissan and now it is an integral part of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL). At the time of Britishers, farmers were selling freshly picked fruits where the trains took a stop at this processing unit which was named as Kissan and from that time it became a family name.

Kissan has the name of being market-leader in jams and ketchups of India. This has already won over 35 awards in India and across the globe. The brand is having a healthy growth now. Its that brand that one cannot wish for replacing it. Today Kissan is one of a power brand. Its been continuously checking upon the sustainable development plans for communities.

In order to keep every consumers happy, the brand has built unique flavors and varieties that admire every snack, base and movement. From the Natural Tomato Ketchup to the newly launched hot sauce, Kissan Ketchup is available in a varied flavors . Likewise, Kissan jam has its own exclusive existence, it has an exciting solution of flavors too.

For more than few decades, Kissans products has been tested to add -on taste to the meal, be through sauces or jams or other food products.Kissan takes tomatoes from all the reliable sources and mash them to produce the best Ketchup and due to this, many farmers life has settled. These all features make Kissan a great responsible brand.

The concept of ‘Kissanpur’this brand was introduced  to stand out as a true ingredients creator. The campaign viewed for encouraging kids to leave indoors to enjoy in the outdoors.Under this campaign, children were allowed to turn into farmers and get their hands dirty by growing tomatoes. For motivating for their efforts, the same tomatoes grown by children were used to make tomato ketchup. The moto was to give the children a chance to feel the nature and fall in love with it.

Kissan also runs a programme which plays a vital role in the growth of raw materials by helping the small farmers. A project was rolled out by HUL in Nasik district of Maharashtra,  for farm gate sourcing of sustainable tomatoes from small holder farmers through a public private partnership. Tomato paste sourced from this initiative is now being used in Kissans ketchup.

The pulp of eight fruits are blended to make the popular Kissan Mix Fruit jam and real Alphonso mangoes are blended to make the Kissan Mango Jam, making breakfast a yummy treat. The latest Blast jam range offers a quirky blend of sweet and tangy flavors in the Berry, Strawberry and Orange variants. Kissan squashes are also available in an array of flavors from Mango to Lime for a refreshing experience.

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