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MTR - A reliable INDIAN food

MTR, the name would have been reached to many of us maybe through their restaurants or their packed products or their ready-made food. MTR is Mavalli Tiffin Rooms which was started at Bangalore in 1924. MTR is the first name that pops up in the mind when we move across the streets of Lal Bagh. It is a legendary restaurant which has grown from small Idli to big brand. It has grown beyond the city boundaries and spread across internationally.

In 1920, 3 Maiya brothers, Parmeshwara Maiya, Ganappayya maiya and yagnanarayana maiya came from Udupi to Bangalore. The two brothers started a small hotel for coffee called the Brahmin Coffee Club, after five years the another brother joined the them which they started a hotel for selling tasteful breakfasts and this was named as Mavalli Tiffin Rooms I.e., MTR. The chef’s day here begins at 4 in the morning and by 6:30, a delicious spread of breakfast would be ready. In 1960, they moved to their original location and secured high brands.

During 2nd world war when rice was scarce, MTR came up with a new recipe of preparing Idli without rice, hence a new food “Rava Idli” was invented by them. The restaurant is mainly famous for this rava idli. The restaurant has many other tasty foods.The MTR Masala Dosa here is something to die for as  told earlier.  Chow-chow bath is another masterpiece here. They have many tasty sweets, their badam halwa is very tasty, their gulab jamoon is one of the biggest one that one  can ever have. Its  been famous for coffee being served in silver tumblers.  Grape juice is one specialty there.  They are  the first company in the world to have introduced a frozen dosa, which can be heated and eaten right away.

The brothers visited Europe to know the style and patterns of restaurant over there. By tracking out new techniques there, these brothers improved the hotel here through hygiene, discipline and taste-wise. In 1970’s during emergency, it was required that food must have sold at very low costs, at this time, MTR started to bring out ready-to-eat foods.Then they started to bring out packed foods. They have high quality packed products such as Rasam powder, pickle, Jamoon mix powder and many others. Today MTR has an annual cross over of about 2-3 crore per year.

 The food items here are not sold only in Bangalore, but  also  are exported to the countries in the Persian Gulf, United States and United Kingdom. It is believed that MTR is the one who brought the first ice cream vending machine to India.Today MTR has its headqurters as Bangalore with many branches, it is also present in Kaula Lumpur, Singapore also 2 in Dubai.

MTR s the must visit breakfast place. MTR is probably the best  known hotel in the Bangalore.

 A small restaurant started in 1924 from Mavalli became widely famous. MTR is known or innovations.MTR has a special place for all Bangalurian’s. Further, it has a report of being the first fast food restaurant to serve 21,000 customers in seven hours in the whole world. It is been noticed that once a Chief Minister of Karnataka stood in a queue to have masala dosa at this restaurant . They have also won  “THE ECONOMIC TIMES BEST BRANDS 2019” award.In the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), MTR is the first Indian processed food company to be certified. Hope, you all liked the blog. Do like and comment your reviews.

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