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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

The recent dispute between India and China at the borders of “Galwan Valley” has led to the death of 20 Indian Soldiers with some of the troops injured. Meanwhile, Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” made a surprise visit to Leh, the capital of union territory of Ladakh on July 3rd, 2020 to interact with army, air force and the Indo-Tibetan border police. After addressing the troops at Nimu base, PM Modi made a visit to a military hospital treating the soldiers injured in the violent clash with china. Also, praised the troops by giving them some inspirational messages.

On the other hand, Some of the parties were not happy due to an “unsubstantiated and malicious” situations at the military hospital treating our brave soldiers. But, the pandemic COVID-19 protocol has necessitated some of the wards of general hospital to be designated as isolation wards. Hence, the conference hall was converted into a ward with an expansion capacity of 100 beds and used for treating the injured soldiers. Even the Chief Army Staff General Manoj Naravane and Army Commander visited an injured troops in the same location and stated that troops will be provided with a best treatment.

The Prime Minister's visit to Leh as aimed at sending a strong message to China, as well an attempt to boost the morale of an Indian forces who are serving the nation in those tough terrains. While paying a tribute to the 20 Indian soldiers killed on June 15 at a violent face-off, PM Modi mentioned that their bravery has sent a strong message about India's strength and also India’s resolve to become “Atmanirbhar” (self-reliant) has been much stronger, because of the soldiers will power and it is as strong as Himalayas which can make the whole country feel proud of them.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a 15 minute one to one conversation with 14 Corps Commander General Harinder Singh at Nimu Headquarters by giving a clear cut instructions about upgrading the border infrastructure, right upto the Depsang Plains and Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO) and decided to closely monitor the promised disengagement and withdrawal of the Chinese military force (PLA) from East Ladakh for the next 10 days before taking any further action.

Some of the senior officials has said that, India will not initiate any military operation on its own, but will stand up PLA and retaliate to any move from the Chinese side all along the 3488 km Line of Actual Control (LAC) by an Indian Army deployed with full strength all along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in East Ladakh. Also, planned to introduce an Indian Navy’s steel patrol boats for the defense of Pangong Tso shortly.

As a leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has encouraged the troops with some praise by quoting “Age of expansionism is over and this is an age of development which has forced to turn back”, and India is blessed to have such a global leader who is struggling for success of the country in all situations.

Please share your reviews in the comment section regarding the leadership of our global leader Narendra Modi and do follow for upcoming blogs.

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