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Guys, you have read the first article of “THROUGH THE FOOD STREET”, hope you all liked it. Now I shall tell you the other food items one should really taste. The remaining food items are also amazing. VV Puran Food street hosts many other types of items such as Ragi Roti, Akki Roti,  Vadas, Pav Bhaji, Uttapams and Dosas, Curd Rice, Lemon Rice, Vermicelli Upma, Rose milk, Parathas, Lassis, fried rice and noodles, bread pakora, cutlets, pani puri etc.

The first food to be named can only be Dosa, the crispy, soft ghee-dosa here is just awesome.

Once u see it, you can never stop to taste it.

Roomali Roti in the street is a popular roti. It has directly came from the vibrant and colorful Punjabi cuisine. The way the roti is drifted in the air makes any customer attracted. One surely tastes this if they enter the street.

Dabeli here is a spicy,sweet, tangy with so many textures and tastes in your mouth. Its a perfect of Khatta-meetha for all.

Holige (puran-poli) in the street gives an marvelous taste. The vendor pours the ghee directly from packet only. The combo of coconut, dal and jaggery melts your mouth.

Kodbele is one such thing many wouldn’t be aware off. It is a mild flavored snack made from curd. It is a crispy, crunchy, spiced rings. The street gives that taste which anyone cannot resist for.

Refreshing Badam Milk is popular  with milk and fresh almond paste.It is an aromatic &

flavorful drink. Along with these, it has  wonderful aroma of saffron and cardamom which makes it delicious.

Shivanand Gulkhand store has ice cream, fruit salad with gulkhand, it has a flavour one cannot describe.

Apart from just selling food items, the street also celebrates a food carnival called "Avarebele Mela". It is one of the greatest celebration people take part of. The food street hosts the "Avarebele Mela" annually in the winter months of December/January, when varieties of dishes are prepared using avarekai (hyacinth beans).  It was started from a small trader, Geetha ShivKumar of Vasavi Condiments 15 years ago. Its a 12 day carnival. The festival which started as an effort to sell the produce of avarekai farmers. It became popular over the years with more than 1000 kg of avarekai being purchased directly from the farmers on each day of the festival.

The fair does not end there,  It is seemed to get bigger every year. Every year they have a tradition of adding one dish. The  highlight of the mela is the range of avarekai dishes it offers. Rotti, paddu, vada, you name it, it is here. Initially, it was started with avarekai snacks, then they customized many dishes according to the customer’s demand. Avere bele ice cream, Averebele rasagula, jalebi, holige, dosa, bonda, paysa and many more can be found here. Every dish made here is delicious. In weekends, one must be in a long queue to buy a dish.

Averebele mela” is one of the best event occurred in the street. The thing about the food street is, the items available here are only pure veg dishes. It is one of the longest vegetarian food street.If you are a gastronome and love sampling out the food street then this is one of the places to visit in Bangalore to enjoy the steamy, succulent and relishing taste of Indian street food. Hope you all will visit this food street and taste the food items here. Please do comment the reviews below.

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