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Sir. M Visvesvaraya : Pride of Karnataka

Sir M Visvesvaraya was born on 15th September 1860 in a small district of Chikkaballapur in Karnataka. Completed his Civil Engineering and then was appointed as Diwan of Mysore and was also the statesman also for the same. He was knighted as a Commander of the British Empire India for his contributions to the public good. He was the mastermind behind the construction on KRS Dam in Karnataka.


Sir. M V had very good ethics in his life which he never ever broke it. Let’s have a look at few of them:

  • He was a great man with work ethics. He was sincere to his work and made sure he used office facilities only for the office purposes. He never misused his powers, unlike many people in power today.

  • He was never late for his work. He worked from 6am to 8pm and was considered to be a disciplined man and when it came to his work he was extremely punctual and disciplined.

  • Once he received a letter from his friend asking for a place to stay for a few days, he intended to stay in the government guest house. Visvesvaraya made arrangements for his friend to stay at the government guest house by paying a month’s rent of 250 rupees.

  • He used the government car only for his official purpose. Even though he didn’t own a car initially he didn’t make use of the government car for his personal works.

  • It’s said that his time sense impressed many people that there were instances of people setting time after seeing him.

  • His time sense didn’t even spare a minister who was 3 minutes late for a meeting. The minister had to take Visvesvaraya’s advice to be on time.

  • Once he was working with pen and paper in the dark with a lamp. His friend came to meet him. Visvesvaraya quickly blew the lamp, brought another set of lamp, pen and paper near his friend. Upon being asked, on why he did so, Visvesvaraya replied “That was office work and I use it only for that purpose”.

  • He always made sure he prepared well before his meetings, appointments and speeches. A high attribute of many successful people.


Sir M V always wanted to serve the nation from the knowledge he had he also did the same. Let’s have a look at few major works:

  • He was the major person behind the foundation of MYSORE SOAP FACTORY, PARASITOID LABORATORY, MYSORE IRON & STEEL WORKS (now known as Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Limited) in Bhadravathi.

  • He was the one who gave the road plan for Nations prestigious temple Tirupathi and Tirumala. Before this people had to walk from Tirumala to Tirupathi.

  • K R S Dam was the biggest gift for people of Karnataka, which is still saving many crops from getting dried and wasted.


  • Visvesvaraya was appointed a Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire (CIE) in 1911.

  • In 1915, he was appointed as Diwan of Mysore. .

  • He was the president of the 1923 session of the Indian Science Congress, as well as the most popular person in Karnataka,

  • After India attained independence, he was awarded the nation's highest honor, the Bharat Ratna, in 1955.

  • On 15 September 2018, to celebrate his 157th birthday; Visvesvaraya was honored with a Google Doodle.

Here’s a small example of Sir. M V telling us that how eager was he to learn even at his older stage of life and showing the world age was no barrier to learn. To learn about metallurgy procedures he made a trip to USA with his other Indian engineers at an old age. An American officer showed them new equipment’s and procedures. They came across a giant machine with 75 foot ladder. The rest of the engineers who were very young compared to Visvesvaraya hesitated to step forward but he was the first person to start climbing. Visvesvaraya lived for 101 years and he never considered age as a barrier to learn something new in life. He never let his old age and physical weakness stop him from trying something new.

The above lines are the best lines for us to be inspired from the great Sir. M.Visvesvaraya.It it also told from elder or my teachers that after the death of Sir. M V many countries were asking to sell his brain to them. That means his brain had that much of value.Let's all make this post reach evevry corner of this nation and tell them that he is from our Mysore.Let’s us all make our nation proud by trying to become Sir. M V though it’s difficult let’s all aim for it.

Jai Hind...

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