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Chocolate- Dark, Sweet and Delicious.  The symbol of celebration. But did you know that chocolates were never sweet. Do you ever know how the chocolates are made or from which place? If you wandering about all these, read this blog.

Chocolate was early called as CACAHUTL. Then, Chocol ( Mayan word for hot) and Atl (water) was  combined to name it. Today chocolate is everywhere, from small shop to big coffee shop. We eat it as a kid, in celebration, in enjoyment and every-time without  having any reason. One cannot imagine their life without chocolate.

You are lucky that you are not born before 16th century, because chocolates were never known previously. Before that, chocolate was only available in Mesoamerica of Mexico, but quite differently that is, not chocolate bars but a bitter liquid which was mixed along with spices.The people believed that the drink was made by gods.

Chocolate is obtained from seed pods. This comes from a source of Theobroa cocao tree. These are grown in the center of equator around 20 degree on both the side. The course of growth is quite distinctive, first they ferment, then sun-dry and then roast and later leaving them o form nib and finally they powder to form what we want is chocolate. But even this was bitter too, then they added honey and also some cheese to make it sweet.

Chocolates slowly started to increase its spread upwards from normal to machinery, till it reached to the lips of kings and queens.  Spain was the first country to import chocolates. By 1620s, millions of pounds was imported by them. Then it went to Europe in the 16th century.Then it moved  to Italy, which made them to try out different things. JS Fry and sons introduced the first milk-chocolate bar, which was solid, mold-able and less dry in 1847, by combining butter, sugar and chocolate liquor. In 1861, Richard Cadbury releases first chocolate box. Hershey’s in 1893 brought a chocolate processing unit. Now, in modern-time, 2/3rds cocoa is from IVORY COAST. Like any other food producers, cocoa is also the world’s biggest market. Almost 65% of consumption occurs in rich western countries. American has a record of having consumed the maximum amount of chocolate.  

Initially, chocolates were used as medicines for treating the upset stomachs. Then, It was been started to use as currency, a gift in royal-feasts, as a surprise in weddings,  as rewards for soldiers and also in performing rituals.

As told before, chocolates has medicinal qualities. Cocoa beans are high in phyto-nutrients which is an anti-oxidant. It is rich in iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and many more. A study says that dark chocolate has more benefits than the milk chocolate. Doctors have also told that consumption of chocolates can reduce the risk of heart-attacks. The research even proved that chocolates can also cure strokes. So, most of the doctors suggest people to intake the chocolates at-least 5 times a week. Apart from the above curing ability, chocolate is also a brain food as it improves the cognitive function.  

Today, Chocolate day is celebrated on July 7th. Chocolate is now the symbol of globalization and westernization. There are 35 billion chocolate industries today. The survey says that in 2012, chocolate was an 83 billion industry.  Almost 65% of consumption occurs in rich western countries. Chocolates produces sweet sensations in the mind of people. Chocolate is the guilty pleasure of millions. Its preferred everyday wide, celebrating the joy with cup cakes, cheating on the diet, or as a symbol of affection.

I know this is not enough for any chocolate lover. Chocolate brings that pleasure in all of us. It is that something everyone is loved about. The one treat everyone craves for. Chocolates influences our emotion. Hope you all liked it, do like and comment your chocolate love below.

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