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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Being a traveloholic, there will be a bucket list of places where traveloholic must visit once in his lifetime. Now we are looking at one from that list, and that is End of India.

Dhanushkodi is a town at the south-eastern tip of Pamdan Island of the state of Tamil Nodu in India. It is south-east of Pamban and is about 24km from Sri Lanka. This town was destroyed during the Rameswaram cyclone.

Dhanushkodi is the place where you can see the origin of the rama setu! A place 24km away from the Rameswaram, is the place where you can see the Rama setu. The place where the wonders of nature and man become one. A place in mystery, a place that is easy to miss by the regular tourist, because it is not really a part of the tourist map, but because this place is hard to reach .

Dhanushkodi is a place where traveller would love to visit and know more about it. For reaching this place one needs to cross over the Pamban Island from the main land. The good way to reach this is by train, through the famous Pamban bridge. There are several fishing villages, accompanied by the mesmerising views of the Palk strait on both sides. Palk Strait is the one that stretches between India and Sri Lanka.

On one side there is a wide variety of landscapes, on the other, there is a plethora of languages, cultures and a rich history.

Ram Setu

Dhanushkodi is really a unique place to visit. It dates back to our mythological history, Ramayana. The town of Dhanushkodi is believed to be the place where Lord Rama had ordered Lord Hanuman to build a bridge which could carry his army across to Sri Lanka, where Demon King Ravana had kept Sita captive. As ordered, Lord Hanuman had obliged and it was here that the Ram Setu built by the Vanara Sena.

If myths are to be believed, a stretch of sandy shore you see from Dhanushkodi is the place from where the Ram Setu starts. This is believed to be the end of the bridge which Lord Rama had broken using his bow and arrow.

The Ram Setu also known as Adam’s Bridge globally, described it as Ram Setu in the epic, also known as Nala Setu because Nala was the architect, designed the bridge in Ramayana, between the Islands of Mannar, northwestern Sri Lanka, and Rameswaram. NASA have confirmed that the a stretch of land formation visible between Dhanushkodi and the Sri Lanka is man-made. Research is being done over it for years. Dhanushkodi will never cease to charm and surprise you with its unique mix of history, myth, mystery and natural beauty.

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