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Supreeth Ramesh is an MBA Graduate at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Supreeth is also ISF(Indian Students Forum) WING president for 3 years and College Cultural Fest treasurer. He is guest speaker for few Colleges in India to motivate students to start their career as an entrepreneur. 

To share his Professional life, he has overall 2 years of Professional Experience as HR Executive and Administration related works. He has represented State Karnataka as a  Leg Cricket team Captain at National Levels in India. With this, has also played for Government services like RAILWAYS as cricket player and worked as a cricket coach for the last 5 years in India, where many of his students now are playing counties and States. With this Supreeth is a qualified cricket coach from ECB ( England Cricket Board) Level-3 and has completed his diploma as a cricket coach.

Supreeth has also been featured on the students magazine in UK for his achievements at this young age. (

Founder - CEO

Supreeth Ramesh

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HR Executive

Shiva Prakash M C

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