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Even though joining military is a life defining decision, thousands of soldiers are serving our nation at the borders of India by risking their own life. All through the history of warfare, the attempt by every country has been to place a weapon in the hands of soldiers which is better than the potential of an enemy weapons or at least of same quality. No military commander would contemplate arming his soldier with a weapon inferior to that of an enemy soldier.

Weapons Technology has been relentlessly moving ahead and it is one of the most important determining factor in an outcome of the battlefield. China has been successfully upgraded with its weapons technology almost matching United States of America (USA) and in some fields it has possibly moved ahead of America, as in case of developing electromagnetic guns for its naval fleet. On the other hand, India is importing 70% of its requirement of weapons and equipment from other countries.

But, it needs to be noted that no country will export the weapons of top end technologies. So even with an import of weapons, the country is unable to place the best weapon or a weapon which is equal in technical advancement as available with the potential enemies. In order overcome such scenarios, the government should provide soldiers an upgraded weapons in terms of technology. The technology of war may be divided into five categories where an offensive arms will harm the enemies and defensive weapons ward off an offensive blows. Transportation technology will help in moving the soldiers and their weaponry’s, while communications will coordinate the movement of armed force and sensors will detect forces and guides weaponry.

Some of the advanced technologies which can be implemented are as follows.

1. Multi Domain Smart Sensors

An internal and external security of military and defense system mainly relies on smart and intelligent sensor technology which can be used for surveillance, intelligence and combat operations. Military and Defense system comprises of drones, space crafts, missiles, military vehicles, ships, marine systems, satellites, rockets and much more where the systems work mainly in harsh environments such as war fields which needs to be more reliable and scalable. While, Smart sensor offer the solutions to whole Defense ecosystem including complex controls, measurements, monitoring and execution.

Multi domain smart sensors can be used for various purposes such as security systems, explosives detection systems, chemical warfare, crime detection systems, intrusion detection systems and civil establishments. While, Sensors can also be used in battlefield surveillance systems for the conduction of modern warfare by deploying on land, space, underwater and aerial platforms to keep track of targeted zone.

2. Ultra-Wide Band Communication

Military and defense systems involve various operations such as peacekeeping and stabilization missions which may require the armed forces to take actions in unknown and distant areas. In such circumstances the usage of ultra-wideband communication provides fast, reliable, interference and interception resistant information transfer. Ultra-Wideband communication system are those whose instantaneous bandwidth is many times greater than the minimum bandwidth required to deliver an information and is fundamentally different from all other communication techniques as it employs an extreme narrow Radio Frequency (RF) pulses to communicate between transmitters and receivers. Utilizing short-duration pulses for communications will directly generate a wide bandwidth and offers several advantages such as large throughput, robustness to jamming and coexistence with current radio services.

3. Electric Drive Technology

The usage of electric drive systems provides an automotive performance of hybrid electric vehicles in terms of speed, acceleration, grade ability and stealthy operations which are superior to the performance of mechanically driven vehicles. Electric drive systems provide better fuel economy than their mechanical counterparts due to the usage of an optimum engine performance and also supports also electric weapons such as Electro-thermal Chemical (ETC) Gun and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).

Hence, the implementation of above technologies can improve our military and defense system in a better way rather than just importing the weapons from other countries. This can make our soldiers to face the enemies strongly. JAI HIND…!

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