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His name was Narendranath Dutta, and his father was an educated man who knew English and Persian well. By profession, he was a successful lawyer at the Calcutta high court.Swami Vivekananda was a great patriotic leader. He was born in on January 12, 1863, in Calcutta as one of the eight siblings of his parents Vishwanath Datta and Bhuvaneshwari Devi.


Narendranath was a brilliant boy and was active in music, gymnastics, and science. He graduated from the University of Calcutta and acquired knowledge on various subjects, including history and Western philosophy.From initial he was influenced by a yoga and practiced meditation. He was eager to learn about God since he was a child. Once, when he was suffering from a spiritual crisis, he met Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa and asked him if he saw a God. Sri Ramakrishna replied: “Yes, I have. I see him as clearly as you, only in a very intense sense. “Influenced by his divine spirituality, Vivekananda became one of the great followers of Sri Ramakrishna and began to follow his teachings. His mother was a pious woman who from childhood influenced Narendranath in shaping his character. First, she taught Naren the English lesson and then introduced him to the Bengali alphabet. Naren studied at the metropolitan institution in Calcutta. He joined the institution of the General Assembly founded by the Scottish general missionary mission in Calcutta, where he passed the B.A. exam and joined law school. After the death of his father, the financial situation of his family did not allow him to continue the prosecution.


He asked many religious people about his desires in the past, but none could satisfy him. Now, this man-god of Dakshineswar told Naren that, as you can see, he also sees God in the same original form. His words did not convince Naren. He requested the saint to prove it to him. Over time, Naren had an enjoyable divine experience in his life. He became the most sincere student of the saint. His guru taught that God lives in everyone. So. By serving humanity, one can serve God. Naren established in his later life the Ramakrishna mission, which has been engaged in voluntary work for the poor and suffering, regardless of caste, region, and religion. Narendranath was later called “Swami Vivekananda” when he became a monk. He went to America to attend the world religions parliament in Chicago in 1893. In his lecture, Swami Vivekananda explained to the world that God is one and different religions are like different rivers that end in the sea.Therefore, among preachers of different religions, there should be no disputes that they worship God in various ways or with different beliefs. Swami Vivekanand’s vision was received with great appreciation, and many American men and women became his followers, who joined the Ramakrishna mission.


Swami Vivekananda gave the speech about the essence of nationalism in his bold writings. He composed about India “Our homeland is a nation of philosophy and religion, the birthplace of spiritual giants, a country of renunciation, where and wherever, from the earliest to the most modern times; there be the highest ideals of life open to man.” His success led to a change in mission, namely the establishment of Vedanta centers in the West. Vivekananda adapted traditional Hindu ideas and religiosity to the needs and understanding of its Western recipients. They were particularly attracted and knew by Western esoteric traditions and movements such as Transcendentalism and New Thought.An essential element in his adaptation of Hindu religiosity was the introduction of the “four yogis” model, which includes Rajayoga, which offered practical means to realize divine power. His book, Raja Yoga, was published, which was immensely popular. It had a significant impact on a Western understanding of yoga, according to Elizabeth de Michelis marking the beginning of modern yoga.

Swami Vivekananda was a great leader and philosopher who represented India on the international platform and conquered the hearts of a global audience. His teachings and philosophy are the guiding light for Indian youth. His thoughts have always inspired people and will always be a source of energy for future generations.

Let's all try to achieve atleast some part of Sir Vikekananda's achievement and build our nation and lets us all make our nation proud.

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