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Foodies, are you ready for the eventual food drag adventure of your life? Then, you must really visit this. Once the name ”the food street” is heard, people start fantasizing about many things which they are craving for. A wonderland for the foodies who loves to have an amazing experience while travelling in Bangalore can only be V.V. puram.

There are many food streets across the globe, but being Bangaluirian, the only street I can think of is the “V.V. Puram food street”. The only one street where lots of people love to visit regularly. The combo of the cuisines here brings the delightful feeling to all the foodies. One will truly love the journey of tasting the dishes here.

Bangalore’s largest stretch of food stalls, VV Puram is a Mecca for local street food. One can get over more than 20 varieties like south Indian, north Indian, Chinese and many more. Basically, it’s a place to visit to taste the Indian snacks. The street starts bursting with restaurants, kiosks, trucks and small hole-in the wall shops around 5 in the evening till the late midnight.

The street starts with V.B. Bakery. It’s an iconic bakery which takes over 65 years back. It is that bakery which parasites all the Iyengar bakeries. One should really try all the tasteful items here. KBC and Bun-Gulkhand is well-known here.

There is no Indian street foot experience that completes without tasting a chat. The “Bangarpet chat” here gives the heavenly feeling. The varieties of chats here are just amazing.

once entering the street, the bhaji center is highly recommended i.e., “Sri swamy bhaji center”. The bunch of bhajis here must be absolutely tasted. Gurudev Idli shop melts your mouth.

The fluffy, spongy and soft idli's will make u feel phenomenon. “Namma kitchen” in the street

gives you a hot tandoori chai. The style of preparing the chai is just unique. It’s just attractive in form and appearance. Its nice and aromatic.

The home style “paddu”  can be found in the Sri Vasavi mane Tindi. The taste is just marvelous and the presentation makes you to try it.

All potato lovers should definitely try the “Aloo Twisters”. The crispy twisters with its distinct shape will attract all the customers. Its available in “Arya Vyshya Refreshment”.  The variant flavors like tango, peri-peri, chatpata chilli, tangy tomato and many more.

The street gives you a special “corn”. The 'corn, mango masala' is the wild snack here. People who comes to the street, will never go without having this. The one of the best snack ever.

The ending snack here is just different. In the dark sky, mouth will be filled with the colorful “fire pan”. People say that, one gets the best pan here.

 The thing about the VV Puram food street is you come here, there is great food and at very reasonable prize. So, folks if you are in Bangalore, don't miss out to come and visit this place. When you come here at weekends, be prepared to get jostled a bit, so plan accordingly. The few food shops are being told, for more details you must wait for the 2nd article of the food street.  Please do comment the reviews below . 

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